Customer Support KPIs: How to Find & Measure the Right KPIs

21 customer service KPIs every support team needs to track

kpi for support team

You can collect feedback from customers right after they’ve had certain touchpoints or interactions with your company, like making a purchase or contacting the service team. Using this metric helps a company measure the effectiveness of its team when it comes to the promptness of support staff and whether teams have enough resources to respond to requests on time. Delays in response time can negatively affect a customer’s interaction with a business, making it one of the most monitored customer service KPIs. To answer these questions, you have to determine which KPIs apply to you. Aircall’s phone solution offers numerous tracking options to measure productivity for you and your team as a whole. Let’s break down a few KPIs we recommend tracking for support teams, sales teams, and customer service teams.

kpi for support team

The application also visualizes data in a manner that’s easy to understand. And if further training is needed, ProProfs Help Desk has a library of online training materials that they can access anywhere and anytime. The agent can access all customer information from the console to get the context he/she needs for the interaction. On the side of customers, they can get access to a mobile-friendly knowledge base to get their questions answered.

Customer support service quality KPIs

Below, we describe 25 of the most essential customer service metrics, organized into six categories. Some metrics have to do with your team’s performance — like how quickly and well you respond to tickets. Other metrics look deeper at your team’s impact on larger company goals, like customer retention and revenue generation. Online companies can measure customer service metrics in a number of ways, including surveys, live chat, chatbots, and chat analytics.

kpi for support team

You can set up keyword alerts to track mentions of your company or specific keywords related to your customer service. Setting up custom automations (for example, Instagram bots for automatic DM replies) can also help you gain more insights about your customers kpi for support team and measure their satisfaction levels. The key to effectively measuring customer service performance is not to measure all industry-recognized metrics. You need to track a set of customer service KPIs that align with your business goals and team objectives.

Revenue-related metrics

While there are several ways to do this, most companies will typically measure and track KPIs through reporting tools and business analytics software. For example, if Jim was assigned 100 requests in a month and resolved 60, his resolution rate would be 60%. Reaction time is the time it takes an agent to take any action on a new message, whether tagging, reassigning, escalating, or responding to it. Average first response time or first reply time tells you how fast a rep responds after a customer has contacted support. Follow these help desk best practices to improve your help and service desk metrics and KPIs. Intelligent automation can help route employees or customers to the right agent based on their request type, language, or area of expertise.

Even if you can’t solve the issue immediately, send something as simple as ‘Our team is already looking into the issue, we’ll keep you updated’ and make users feel heard. Instead, gauging every aspect of your company operations will allow you to make critical adjustments in the execution to achieve your strategic goals faster. HubSpot Service Hub includes a Customer Feedback tool so you can truly understand your customers and spot opportunities to make them happier — so they stay with you longer. Considering that ticket volume has increased significantly across all channels, offering omni-channel support is crucial.

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