technological details

Yvidi can manufacture metal products for individual orders: from general engineering to precision instrument engineering
We process parts with an accuracy of 0.001 microns.


Yuvidi is a Belarusian company that manufactures parts according to customer drawings on high-precision equipment with CNC (numerical control). The company uses milling and turning methods to manufacture products from large-sized items for heavy industry to small parts with a high level of tolerance. The company also carries out welding, grinding, fiberglass processing, heat treatment and electroplating.

Manufacturing of parts

Yuvidi manufactures parts from various metals and alloys
for any client’s needs.

15 years

in metalworking for
clients from various fields


items and units per shift

Our work

Individual approach to each order, full interaction with the client at all stages of work

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The equipment park of the enterprise includes milling and turning machines with
CNC of the German manufacturer DMG MORI. Turning and milling works on
CNC machines allow the production of parts, reducing time and cost
finished products.

The technological process of manufacturing a part:


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Yuvidi LLC


Republic of Belarus; Minsk, Logoyskiy tr. 22


Phone: +375 29 668-98-09
Fax: +375 17 373-27-29


Тел. + 375 29 668 98 09