Juvidi has been working on milling machines for over 20 years. During this time, we have prepared a production base of CNC milling machines and universal milling equipment. The company employs more than 50 qualified specialists: locksmiths, CNC machine operators, designers, technologists and many others. Almost every employee undergoes refresher courses to work with more complex technological equipment. Milling work in Juvidi is carried out with accuracy tolerances up to 5 microns and its own quality control system. Yuvidi works on high-precision CNC equipment, which can be found below:

Metalworking with Yuvidi is:

Milling work in our company allows customers to worry only about their projects, our managers are always in touch, and technologists are ready to optimize products to improve their quality characteristics, cost and production time. Metals, composites, plastics and polymers of various properties and purposes are excellent for machining parts by milling. Milling is a metal processing technology for creating such products as:

  • screws;
  • disks;
  • cylinders of various shapes;
  • other details of various shapes and purposes.

Milling work on metal

Clients use our parts in medical instruments, startups, petrochemical and electrical industries. After the end of cooperation, the customer can always call Juvidi and consult about the properties and characteristics of products or new planned parts. The company delivers parts to many countries around the world, if the customer needs it. The production is located in Minsk and meets all modern technological standards.

We are also engaged in complex metalworking and manufacturing with subsequent protective coating. More information about these services can be found here. View examples of products created by milling on our works page. Contact Yuvidi and our manager will call you back during the day.

Our work: milling

15 years

in metalworking for
clients from various fields


items and units per shift


machining centers in our
production base

5 - axes

workpieces can be processed
simultaneously using 5-axis equipment

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