Fiberglass processing

The Yuvidi company has specialized equipment – CNC machines for processing fiberglass. Processing experience
materials allows the production of parts of various shapes and sizes by milling and drilling fiberglass.
Qualified staff assists customers in the preparation of technical documentation for products, and Yuvidi equipment allows
process material up to 50 mm thick. During machining, a Posalux UltraSpeed 6000 machine is used, which is excellent
for the manufacture of parts from fiberglass:

  • 5 stations with spindles;
  • Tool wear monitoring system
  • Carbide cutters for more challenging machining
  • Spindle with rotation speed up to 125,000 rpm

Yuvidi uses the Posalux UltraSpeed Mono combination machine, which is designed to produce small glass fiber reinforced plastic parts with high precision tolerances.

Equipment characteristics:

  • high productivity up to 500 holes / min;
  • spindle on ball bearings with rotation speed up to 60,000 rpm;
  • dry processing technology;
  • pressure plate with suction for chip removal.

Manufacturing of parts from fiberglass

The section for milling fiberglass has specialized technical equipment: hoods, as well as devices for the deposition and removal of dust and shavings that appear during milling.

The purpose of electroplating is to protect against corrosion and other damage, and
also improved conductivity. The essence of the process lies in applying to
the surface of parts of a special solution that is absorbed into the material,
improving its properties.

The company processes metals and alloys that are subject to strong
loads to eliminate the need for frequent product changes.

Yuvidi uses electroplating technology that we
we use for details of any purpose.

Cutting fiberglass

Glass fiber laminate – a type of plastic with electrical insulating properties and wear resistance,
its production requires a pressed glass material impregnated with epoxy polyamide
resin. The material has excellent resistance to moisture, mechanical stress,
exposure to temperatures, high voltage electric current. Electrical insulating gaskets,
substrates, special-purpose parts are made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass parts are applicable in various fields, but the material is most widely used in the electrical industry.

15 years

in metalworking for
clients from various fields


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machining centers in our
production base

5 - axes

workpieces can be processed
simultaneously using 5-axis equipment

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