Heat treating

Heat treatmenta method of changing the properties of a material using the effect of temperature (heating, holding and cooling). With the help of heat treatment, metal and other materials become stronger, the molecular composition of the material changes.

The Yvidi company carries out heat treatment of metals and other materials in modern furnaces that maintain temperatures up to 1300 ° C, which allows the company to fulfill any orders for changing the properties of materials for a variety of customer requests.

Цель гальванического покрытия – защита от коррозии и других повреждений, а также улучшение проводимости металлов. Суть процесса кроется в нанесении на поверхность детали специального раствора, который впитывается в материал, улучшая его свойства.

Coating in Yuvidi

Yuvidi has many years of experience and expertise in the manufacture and future use of products from metals, alloys and polymers. Before applying the coating, Yuvidi’s specialists provide consultations to customers in order to clarify the field of application of the future product, as well as inform about potential changes in properties. We recommend consulting with our specialist before ordering services to avoid damage and rapid wear of parts.

The cost of heat treatment and electroplating

The company processes metals and alloys that are subject to high stress to eliminate the need for frequent product changes.

Yuvidi uses an electroplating technology that is suitable for parts for any purpose. Yuvidi technologists calculate the cost of services for 1 working day. What determines the cost of heat treatment and electroplating:

  • source material and its properties;
  • type of coverage for the needs of the client;
  • circulation of products.

Our work: heat treatment and electroplating

15 years

in metalworking for
clients from various fields


items and units per shift


machining centers in our
production base

5 - axes

workpieces can be processed
simultaneously using 5-axis equipment

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