Our works

We present you the examples of metal products manufactured by Yvidi.
CNC milling, CNC turning and laser cutting are the main methods of processing
metals and other materials for individual orders of our clients. Yvidi products help
our clients to implement the most complex projects in the fields of instrument and
mechanical engineering, medical equipment and startups.

Stainless steel parts for oil and gas industry

Various types of stainless steel products. They are widely used in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical industries

Gear wheel

Cast iron gear wheel with bronze crown It is widely used in various industries.

Shafts, gear shafts

Shafts, gear shafts for various purposes, including those made of high-alloy steels. Applications: general engineering, food industry

Heat exchange equipment

Units of heat exchanging equipment, tubular and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, exhaust gas waste heat utilizers.

Titanium implants

Titanium products for use in medicine (traumatology), exo- and endoprostheses

Milled product (form)

EVA knee pads press mold

15 years

in metalworking for
clients from various fields


items and units per shift


machining centers in our
production base

5 - axes

workpieces can be processed
simultaneously using 5-axis equipment

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