Laser cutting

Laser cutting is one of the methods for cutting metal with a maximum power machine.
The mechanical phenomenon on the metal is reduced, so it retains its strength and rigidity,
cuts quickly, keeping a minimum of burrs and deformations.

Laser cutting of metal with Yvidi

The staff of the Yvidi company has extensive experience in creating parts by laser cutting. Thanks to the well-established production technology, we are ready to carry out laser work as soon as possible, precisely following the terms of the order. Our equipment allows us to manufacture parts up to 30 mm thick. and up to 6 meters long. The production base of the Yuvidi company meets European quality standards, thanks to which we are able to provide services to a wide range of clients.

Laser cutting cost

  • An application for laser cutting is reviewed by technologists within 24 hours;
  • The cost and conditions for the provision of services are discussed individually after consideration of the application by the technologists;
  • What affects the cost of laser cutting: 1) the urgency of the order; 2) the complexity of the product; 3) material 4) cutting length; 5) circulation.

Our work: laser cutting

15 years

in metalworking for
clients from various fields


items and units per shift


machining centers in our
production base

5 - axes

workpieces can be processed
simultaneously using 5-axis equipment

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