Manufacturing of parts

The Juvidi company manufactures and processes products and components from various materials, but the most common types of parts are metal. Manufacturing metal parts is a time consuming process that requires special skills, tools and clear recommendations. Manufacturing of parts is often the machining of material to shape and size for specific applications. The manufacture of metal products is often divided into narrower types of services, which depend on:

  • Areas of use of finished products;
  • The complexity of the production of the product;
  • Production material;
  • The production capacity of the enterprise.Yuvidi possesses a large number of machines: from universal manual machines to CNC machines, which allows us to create products for any request.

Mechanical processing of metal

The machining procedure is a fairly broad concept that includes any methods of influencing the material, but most often this term means milling and turning work and, a little less often, laser cutting. Significant differences in the method of rotation of the cutting tool in the direction of the workpiece (milling) or rotation of the fixed part with a constant position of the tool (turning). In laser cutting, metal machining consists in cutting metal products of various shapes with a directed laser beam. Technological processing of metals requires coordinated actions on the part of contractors and customers to match the characteristics of the finished product with future functions.

Manufacturing of parts Minsk

For many years, Yuvidi has been manufacturing parts in Minsk and Belarus using foreign equipment of the German manufacturer DMG. You can get acquainted with the equipment on this page. Also, one of the advantages of working with the enterprise can be noted: the delivery of products around the world at the request of the client, constant cooperation with the customer on any issues, the preparation of design documentation for the manufacture of parts to order. Manufacturing technological parts is a complex and expensive process. The cost of manufacturing parts according to drawings is affected by:

  • the required number of products;
  • processing method;
  • type of material.

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