Grinding is the procedure for removing a small layer from a metal product or part made of any other material. Grinding is used to give a part exact dimensions that could not be achieved by machining the workpiece on a machine. To carry out the service, abrasive materials are used that are able to remove roughness from a metal surface of various thicknesses and sizes. Grinding of metal has recently been less popular, since the development of metalworking technologies allows for finishing the surface of the product, removing all the necessary burrs and roughness, giving the product the appearance of a polished surface. However, not all products lend themselves to finishing and grinding is required in many areas of use of future products.

Grinding metal with Juvidi

  • The Yuvidi company is engaged in round, flat and gear hobbing of metal surfaces.
  • Yuvidi has the necessary equipment for grinding, which allows:
  • Grind surfaces at the maximum speed of rotation of the abrasive wheel, using all the capabilities of the grinding machine.
  • The qualification of specialists allows at the right time to change the position of the part for grinding hard-to-reach surfaces of products.
  • Grind products at the maximum cutting depth using high-tech grinding machines.

It should be noted that grinding is used to give a certain roughness to the product; it is not recommended to significantly change the dimensions of the finished product by grinding.

We grind materials for different customer needs, precisely following the terms of the order.

Grinding cost

  • The calculation of grinding work is carried out in 1 working day.
  • The price for grinding work depends on the type and thickness of the workpiece, as well as the urgency of the order.
  • The type of metal and the type of grinding also directly affect the cost of the service.
  • Also, an important condition for the formation of value is the circulation of products. Often, with a large number of grinding products, the total cost of the service is significantly reduced.

We remind you that Yuvidi is engaged in the manufacture of parts and assistance in the preparation of design documentation.

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